GGG Deluxe Natural Body Box

The Body Pack  features:

Body Mist – Indulge your senses with our body mist, best to be used after shower, workouts, or pack in your purse as a freshen upper! This recipe includes the zesty scent of witch hazel that acts as natural astringent and antiperspirant.

Body Lotion – Our hand crafted lotion is made with the finest Organic Shea & Cocoa Butters. Moisturizing, yet non-greasy with high absorption this lotion has anti aging properties for beautiful skin.  

Shampoo  and Conditioner – Our natural, sulphate-free formula brings hair to life with our nutrient rich herbal blend. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Synthetic fragrance, parabens or formaldehyde here!

Face Cleaning Routine – Honr Labs is based in Kelowna, BC and has some amazing natural face cleansing and moisturizing products comparable to the results of expensive high end brands – but without cleaning out the bank.


**No body bars are in the GGG pack (as seen on photo)

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The Natural Body Box
Natural – Scented Natural – Unscented Size and Brand
1 Body Lotion 18 18 Abode Zero. Hand and Body Lotion, Lavender Bergamot | 240ml
1 Shampoo 15 15 Abode Zero, Botanical Bliss Conditioner, Lavender Bergamot | 240ml
1 Conditioner 15 15 Abode Zero, Botanical Bliss Shampoo, Lavender Bergamot | 240ml
1 Body Mist 20 20 Active Humans, Vanilla Coconut Natural Deodorant | 60 ml
1. Face Cleanser 27 27 Honr Labs, Exfoliating Cleanser |100ml
1.Face Toner 25 25 Honr Labs, Refreshing Toner | 50 ml
1.Face Moisturizer 28 28 Honr Labs, Hydrating Serum | 30ml
1 Silicon Exfoliator 4 4 Honr Labs
Full Pack 152 $152.00 5% discount added
Optional :Face and Body Bar 3 pack 12 *Not available in the GGG pack

Lavender Bergamot, Sweet Vanilla, Unscented

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